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Norwalk Speaks! is a community driven ACTION PLAN to ignite a more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable Norwalk for all.

Norwalk Speaks! Project Timeline

Primary Goals for the Norwalk Speaks! Project:


Develop a Commission dedicated to promoting equal rights for all and recognizes the intersectionality between issues of race, identity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and background. To be called the Norwalk Equity and Justice for All Commission (NEJAC).


Assist city employees with reviewing, evaluating, and updating the 1993 Blue Ribbon Report on Race Relations and play a key leadership role in facilitating conversations to gather and experiences about human relation issues.

* Subject to Change Disclaimer: The timeline is subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, to keep the process and planning  moving forward. We will make every effort to keep the timeline current and updated.  Thank you. 

April 2021

  •  Create & Approve work plan to address scope of work

  • Gathering of stakeholder information & existing data 

May 2021

  • Launch of Norwalk Speaks!   Community engagement plan​​

  • Launch Community app “Mighty Networks”, Facebook, Instagram, and website:

  • Report best practices and findings – Other communities nationwide on implementation techniques for boards, commissions, and task forces.

June 2021

  • Stakeholder Analysis meetings


  • “Conditions Analysis” community discussions 


  • Key individuals and influencers from every neighborhood to collaborate on shared stories and lived experiences.

July 2021

  • Conditions Analysis community meetings continued – to participate visit: for calendar

  • Presentation of best practices and models to enact a commission

  • “Community Partners Group” - resident volunteers who will participate and address current conditions, race relations, and recommendations around 6 topics of concern.

August 2021

  • Public safety community engagement Strategy Launch– Initiatives for engagement and analysis to promote a safe and inviting city.

  • Assess municipal staff concerns, policies, and procedures to coordinate a customized curriculum for professional development experiences through a DEI lens.

September 2021

  • Midway Progress Report - Initial  recommendations and findings for community led action.

  • Report on collective effort of Community Partners Group and subcommittee analysis

  • Let's Talk - A series of workshops exploring human relations and impact on quality of life. 

  • Continued facilitation of opportunities around community and police engagement.

  • Launch of DEI training and professional development for key staff

October 2021

  • ​Adhere  to  city process and procedures surrounding the Commission to include  establishment of legal structure for the commission

  • Continuance of DEI staff training and development workshops

  • Present a racial equity framework for adoption and use of city departments

  • Present department heads with findings, opportunities, and potential policy changes to improve administration of services.

November 2021

  • Recommended  DEI training and skills development workshops for Norwalk residents currently appointed to the various commissions of city government. 

  • Initiate community led strategies to improve interaction, communication, and sense of place and belonging with all districts of Norwalk.

December 2021

  • Announcement of Norwalk Equity and Justice for All Commission.

  • Introduce racial equity tools and resources as part of departmental policy and work with department heads on implementation strategy.

  • Present community public safety concerns and recommendations for improvement to community policing and neighborhood engagement techniques.

January to March 2022

  • Provide support, development, and wrap around services to facilitate a productive launch of the NEJAC.

  • Report for strategic opportunities and risks (SOR’s) based on data and experiences gathered from community engagement activities – “THE ACTION PLAN”

  • Provide roadmap, recommendations, analysis for amending 1993 Blue Ribbon Commission Report and assisting NEJAC with adopting this imitative.

  • Provide a Final Conditions Analysis report on the state of equity and justice in the city of Norwalk and the opportunities for Norwalk to embrace its future as a model city for building sustainable communities.

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