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About Norwalk Speaks!

Norwalk Speaks! Is a community driven ACTION PLAN to ignite a more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable Norwalk for All.


Norwalk is a city full of culturally diverse people who enjoy a sense of community in Fairfield County.  With population growth comes the challenges of meeting the needs of the people.  The Norwalk Speaks! campaign looks to examine biases in everyday decision making that stems from systemic policies and oversight that lead to adverse outcomes for marginalized individuals.  This campaign aims to create a sustainable city for all residents and visitors alike regardless of race, gender, class, abilities, or ethnic origins.


Download our Community App, “Mighty Networks” in the Google Play Store or iTunes or go to  to join the Norwalk Speaks! Community


Beginning in May 2021, the consulting team will be navigating the city and speaking with stakeholders about all things Norwalk. We’re asking you to share your stories, your experiences, and your opinions so that we can get a full, robust picture of all aspects of Norwalk life. How will we find you and your amazing stories? We will be out and about in your neighborhood, we will be hosting events and workshops, and we will be hosting a social media platform where you can engage in conversations, participate in surveys, and share your photos and stories about life in Norwalk. Your insights will help us understand what’s working and what’s not working, and will guide us in our recommendations to the City of Norwalk.  


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What’s in it for you? The success of this project depends upon your participation, so speak up, Norwalkians! We want to know where you feel the real problems are so that we can guide the City towards real solutions. We also want to help foster a greater sense of connection between Norwalk residents and their local government, small businesses, arts and culture, nonprofit and service organizations, neighbors, you name it. If we all do our part, we will have a more inclusive, equitable, fulfilling, connected, and sustainable experience of in our city. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Head on over to to get started!

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